Now file your I-T returns at a kiosk, mobile van near you

 It’s a common practice to wait till the last moment to finish off the pending work. As the deadlines come closer, folks wake up and try to finish off the work. This puts a pressure not only on the IT/Physical infrastructure but also on the human participants.

One such rush is seen, when the deadline for the filing of Indian Income Tax Returns comes to a close i.e 31st July of every year.

Special campsare organized by the Income Tax Department to collect the IT Returns. The ‘online filing of IT Returns’, is becoming popular, but the demand for filing physical IT Returns also continues.

To minimize the inconvenience to tax payers in filing IT Returns, the the Income Tax department has decided to set up special ‘tax kiosks’ in residential areas and localities. Such kiosks/mobile vans will facilitate host of taxpayer related services in view of the forthcoming tax returns filing season.

This initiative by the IT Department will reduce the travel time, as the taxpayers would be able to finish off tasks like filing of returns, tracking refunds and applying for fresh PAN cards, at the special ‘tax kiosks’.

Mobile Vans would be deployed in smaller cities to attract more IT payers to avail the services.

Well, the initiative is the brain child of Mr.Pranab Mukheree (Presidential nominee), as he had recently asked the I-T top brass, during their conference held here, to execute new and innovative ideas for the welfare of taxpayers.

A pilot run was already run last year, and this year, the initiative will be rolled out countrywide.

The IT Department officials, would take the assistance of Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and other such bodies for establishing these temporary kiosks at apartment blocks, large office complexes and other central locations of the city

The idea is to station the Kiosks/Mobile Vans at one location for 1-2 days and will be manned by trained Tax Return Prepares (TRPS) who help the taxpayers in filing returns.

Publicity programs are planned to update the IT payers on the location and timing of these kiosks and vans.


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