Not all Indian Bank Branches will function full day on 07/04/2012

After rounds of clarifications, the picture is now clear.

Bank Branches which are closed continuously on 05/04/2012 and 06/04/2012, will be open full day on 07/04/2012.

If the respective bank branch was open on 05/04/2012 or 06/04/2012, than on 07/04/2012, the working hours will be the normal Saturday timings and not the extended timings.

This is a very rare occurrence, where the Bank Branches are continuously closed for 2 days.


4 thoughts on “Not all Indian Bank Branches will function full day on 07/04/2012”

  1. Most state Govt. and central Govt. offices will be closed on 5-6-7-8 April 2012. But they are not required to work extra on any day. Banks have already less holidays. It is only by chance that two holidays falls in same week. If they were one by one in two weeks? Also Most Holidays are not given on demand of employees, but are fixed to favor all religious vote banks. Employees only need leaves to their credit for taking in case of need or rest or festivals of their choice. Indian work culture is good. Abroad nobody work so much. Rather Indians are paid less money and respect for their hard work. — rks

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