Indian SLBC website – Standardization of information/data

To drive the Lead Bank Scheme and Government Sponsored Schemes in each State, a Public Sector Bank is designated as Convenor of SLBC(State Level Bankers’ Committee)

 The need for SLBC : –

The primary need to set up SLBCs in all States, was to create adequate coordination at the State Level, between the Banks and the Government Departments, for successful implementation of the Lead Bank Schemes.

The SLBCs were formed in the late 70’s and were expected to make significant contribution in resolving problems which could not be settled at DCC meetings being beyond the powers of District level functionaries.

 The SLBCs generated lots of statistical data, and RBI was of the opinion placing the data in the public domain would benefit the common man.

Accordingly, vide RPCD.CO. LBS.HLC.BC. No. 56/02.19.10/2009-10 dated February 26, 2010, SLBC Convenor Banks were advises to set up websites.

The websites had to have

  1. All instructions pertaining to the Lead Bank Scheme and Government Sponsored Schemes.

  2. Accessibility to the common man desiring any information relating to the conduct of meetings or State wise data/Bank wise performance.

Accordingly, all SLBC Convenor Banks set up the websites. The websites contained the relevant data, but each website followed its own design structure I.e there was no standardized design of the SLBC websites.

 To ensure uniformity amongst SLBC websites, RBI vide notification dt.29/03/2012, has advised SLBC Convenor Banks to ensure availability of minimum relevant information and data.

 However, Banks are free to display any other relevant information

 Links to various SLBC sites : –

Bihar, Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu,

 Top 2 Benefits of Standardization of SLBC Website.

  1. Meaningful comparison amongst various States can be done.

  2. Assist researchers to collate data quickly.


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