Free Access to Facebook Stopped

According to FaceBook insiders, from 01/04/2012, Facebook will stop free access to its website. The internet users have to pay via FaceBook Credits, to access the website.

However, internet users who

  1. Log on continuously for 60 mts

  2. Like atleast 10 status updates in a 12 hours window,

will be reimbursed by Facebook.

5 Game Changers for Facebook to restrict users to its website.

  1. Marketing technique. The average time spent by the internet users on Facebook might increase.

  2. Human Psychology. Humans tend to spend more time on a particular task, if they are assured of charges reimbursement.

  3. Differentiator. With increasing competition, Facebook had to have a differentiator amongst its peers.

  4. Opportunity. Facebook opens up a new window, for Facebook APPS developers, to spice up their offerings, so that the users stay more on the Facebook website.

  5. Alternate Payment System. Boost to ePayments, as more and more consumers will be aware of Safe ePayments.



The Process flow:

  1. All Facebook users, buy Facebook credits. The FaceBook credits can be bought at various online and offline stores.

  2. Additional Facebook credits can be won in the Facebook website by playing games or participating in contests run by various corporations.

  3. The Facebook credits can be transferred to other Facebook users, by clicking on the ‘Transfer’, button.


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