Formation of new district – Panchsheel Nagar in the State of Uttar Pradesh Assignment of Lead Bank responsibility

On 28/09/2011, a new district in Uttar Pradesh was carved out of the existing Ghaziabad district. The new district name was Panchsheel Nagar and comprises three Tehsils viz. Hapur, Garh Mukteshwar & Dhaulana.


As each district has a Lead Bank assigned by Reserve Bank of India, for banking related development activities, Reserve Bank of India, vide notification has assigned Syndicate Bank with the Lead Bank responsibilities.



The newly formed district Panchsheel Nagar has been allotted District working code “313” for the purpose of reporting.


One specialty about GarhMukteshwar is the Donkey Fair, popularly called Gadho-ka-Mela is also a part of this big Garh Ganga fair. One gets an opportunity to see 50,000+ Ass/Donkey/Horse in a single location. Businessmen not only from India, but even from neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh take part in this Gadho-ka-Mela.


Dhaulana is believed to have been founded by Dhaul Singh, around 1500 years ago and is thus named Dhaulana. The village was taken over by the Sikhs in 1780 and is known to have made a significant contribution to the freedom struggle of 1857.


After the independence of India, the villagers constructed a memorial in honour of the martyrs, which was inaugurated in 1957.


Another attraction of Dhaulana is the the temple of Sati Malindi Devi and the annual fair there is yet another attraction


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