Customer Service – Non-Issuance of Passbooks to Savings Bank Accountholders (Individuals)

Pass-Sheet or Pass-Book?

As a Bank customer, what do you prefer, a Pass-Sheet or Pass-Book or Both.

Well, as long as anything is free, Indians prefer the same.

RBI, vide its recent notification No, RBI/2011-12/249,DBOD No. Leg. BC 48 /09.07.005/2011-12, dt.November 4, 2011, has reiterated that customers must be provided with the option to choose between Pass-Sheets and Pass-Books.

In case customers desire Pass-Books, Banks have to issue Pass-Books without demur.

A passbook or bankbook is a paper book used to record bank transactions on a deposit account. Depending on the country or the financial institution, it can be of the dimensions of a chequebook or a passport.

In India, the manual pass-book dimension was of a passport.

 In CBS era, no bank staff will update the Pass-Book manually.

Why are banks hesitant to issue Pass-Books and prefer Pass-Sheets only?

Pass-Sheets: –

01)   Pass-Sheets are easy to generate and do not require any special printers.

02)   Pass-Sheets can be printed in bulk and dispatch of the same can be automated.

03)   The cost of a Pass-Sheet is far less as compared to a Pass-Book.


01)   Pass-Books require special printers.

02)   Pass-Books cannot be printed in bulk each pass-book has to be inserted into the printer manually.

03)   Most of the times, the Pass-books are in state, wherein they cannot be inserted into the Pass-Book Printer. This raises the stress level of both the bank customer and the bank staff.

It is the primary responsibility of the Bank customer, to proper safeguard the Bank Pass-Books. Otherwise, there will always be complaints to RBI, that Banks are not offering Pass-Books.

Bank customers need to understand that Bank’s incur additional costs while servicing Pass-Books.

Tips to safeguard your Bank Pass-Book.

01)   Do not fold it.

02)   Keep it dry.

It is in mutual interest for bankers and customers to co-operate, to ensure all individual bank customers have a pass-book with them.


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