RBI – Website Usability Survey. Have you completed it?


RBI  –  Website Usability Survey. Have you completed it?

Reserve Bank of India’s website is in existence for the last 15 years.


In the last 15 years, only once was the look and feel of the website was changed.

Over the years, a myriad range of users have benefitted from the content placed on the RBI website.

The website is not only useful to Bankers but to any surfer interested in Indian economy.

With the changing times, RBI too has decided to revamp the website. To make the website, more user-friendly, be it in terms of the content or navigation or the latest web communication tools, RBI has invited feedback from the site visitors.

Yes, the customers of the website are its site visitors only.

The feedback has to be structured for RBI to understand the aspirations of the site visitors.

Towards this end, RBI has launched a Website usability survey on its website.

The new look RBI Website, will definitely attract new visitors and increase the average time spent on the RBI website by internet users.


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