Committee on Customer Service in Banks – R U a responsible customer?

Committee on Customer Service in Banks – R U a responsible customer?

Today, Reserve Bank of India, the Report of the Committee on Customer Service in Banks and has sought comments/feedback from members of the public/all the stakeholders on the Committee’s recommendations.

The last date for submission of comments/feedback is 27/08/2011. The comments/feedback can be emailed or may be sent by post/courier to the Chief General Manager, Customer Service Department, Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai.

The Report can be accessed @

The Report is a crisp 146 pages and quick reading shows what the Indian Banking Customer can aspire in the near future.

In my view, the Banks should also be given an opportunity to present their views on a Model Customer.

Customer interaction is a two-way street, and the customer’s also are expected to have reasonable demands.

Customers should understand that nothing is free, and each service has a cost associated to it.

Of course, only a minority might misuse the facilities, and the majority has to bear the cost.

A simple example of the surge of ATM transactions, one the charges on ATM transactions were removed.    

Responsible customers will encourage Bankers to adopt the best International customer practices.

Banks rely on customers to prosper, just like kids rely on their parents to grow to be independent, dignified adults. Hence, Banks are more interested to increase their customer service levels, without compromising on other regulatory aspects. 

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