Dishonour / Return of Cheques – Need to Mention the ‘Date of Return’ in the Cheque Return Memo

Dishonour / Return of Cheques – Need to Mention the ‘Date of Return’
in the Cheque Return Memo

Reserve Bank of India, DPSS, vide Notification No RBI/2010-11/190 DPSS.CO.CHD.No. 485 / 03.06.01 / 2010-11, dt.01/09/2010, advised Banks to ensure that the ‘Cheque Return Memo’, should invariably contain the ‘Date of Return’.

Why was this Notification required?

Simple, Reserve Bank of India received a few complaints, stating that the ‘Cheque Return Memo’, did not contain the “Date of Return”.

Hence, to ensure that there is uniformity amongst the Bankers, RBI reiterated, that the ‘cheque return memo’, contains the ‘date of return’.

The following is the List of Model List of Objections, as per Rule 6 of the Uniform Regulations and Rules for Bankers’ Clearing Houses (URRBCH)


Model List of Objections

To ……….Bank

The enclosed cheque/refund order/pay order/. . . . . is/are returned for the following reason(s)

Code No. Reason for Return

(01-09) Funds

01 Funds insufficient

02 Exceeds arrangements

03 Effects not cleared; present again

04 Refer to drawer

(10-19) Signature

10 Drawer’s signature incomplete/illegible/differs/required

11 Drawer’s signature/authority to operate account not received

12 Alterations require drawer’s authentication

(20-29) Stop Payment

20 Payment stopped by drawer

21 Payment stopped by attachment order /Court order

22 Withdrawal stopped owing to death/lunacy/insolvency of account holder

(30-49) Instrument

30 Instrument post dated/out -dated/undated/without proper date

31 Instrument mutilated; requires bank’s guarantee

32 Cheque irregularly drawn

33 Encoding/listing error

34 Clearing house stamp/date required

35 Wrongly delivered/not drawn on us

36 Present in proper zone

37 Instrument contains extraneous matter

50-59 Account

50 Account closed/transferred to . . .

51 No such account

52 Title of account required/ Title of account wrong / incomplete

53 Account blocked

60-69 Crossing/Endorsement

60 Crossed to two banks

61 Crossing/clearing stamp not cancelled

62 Instrument specially crossed to .

63 Amount in protective crossing incorrect/illegible/required

64 Payee‘s endorsement required/irregular/ requires collecting bank’s confirmation

65 Endorsement by mark/thumb impression requires attestation by Drawer/Magistrate with seal

(70-79) RBI/Government

70 Advice not received , Amount/Name differs on advice

71 Drawee bank’s fund with sponsor bank insufficient

72 Payee’s separate discharge to bank required

73 Not payable till 1st proximo

74 Pay Order/cheque requires counter signature

(80-89) Miscellaneous

80 Bank’s certificate ambiguous/incomplete/required

81 Draft lost by issuing office; confirmation required from issuing office

82 .Payee’s a/c Credited’ – Stamp required

83 Fake/forged/stolen draft/cheque/cash order/ Interest Warrant/Dividend Warrant

84 Other reasons

Cheque No.(s)….. Amount Rs. . . . . . . . .

Date of return ………. Signature & Stamp of returning bank



6 thoughts on “Dishonour / Return of Cheques – Need to Mention the ‘Date of Return’ in the Cheque Return Memo”

  1. i have 1 doubt…

    when sum1 fraudly signature in other account holder cheque and submit in the bank …

    the bank will not clear the cheque and the person who gave the check into bank will go outside without take that cancelled cheque leaf …

    what the bank will do ????

    is the bank inform the account holder ??

  2. A cheque has been deposited for clearing in account of SBI. The bank returned the aforesaid cheque wit memo “not drawn on us ” and debit Rs 102/- from the account as cheque returned charges. Has the said cheque been dishonored?

  3. Our bank is cheque presinting bank. when cheque has been return in cheque tranction system How to our bank return the cheque to custmar with return memo

  4. I need to know what is called *present in proper zone
    I need to know what is called *present in proper zone

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