MICR Code Line Structure – Part 2(a) – Sort field or the city/bank/branch code number

MICR Code Line Structure – Part 2(a) – Sort field or the city/bank/branch code number

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The 2nd part of the MICR Code Line Structure is the Unique MICR Code.

This field consists of nine digits followed by a delimiter.

The first three digits represent the city.

The next three indicate the bank.

The last three digits signify the branch.

The nine digit sort code is unique for any bank branch in the country.

A sample of  the MICR City Codes are given here


City                                                      City Code

New Delhi                                              110

Ludhiana                                               141

Amritsar                                                143

Jallandhar                                              144

Chandigarh                                            160

Kanpur                                                  208

Allahabad                                              211

Varanasi                                               221

Lucknow                                               226

Meerut                                                  250

Agra                                                     282

Jaipur                                                    302

Jodhpur                                     342

Rajkot                                                   360

Ahmedabad                                           380

Vadodara                                              390

Surat                                                    395

Mumbai                                                 400

Pune                                                     411

Sholapur                                               413

Kolhapur                                               416

Nasik                                                    422

Nagpur                                                  440

Indore                                                   452

Bhopal                                                  462

Gwalior                                                 474

Jabalpur                                                482

Hyderabad                                             500

Vijayawada                                            520

Visakhapatnam                                      530

Bangalore                                              560

Mangalore                                             575

Chennai                                                600

Tiruchirapalli                                          620

Madurai                                     625

Coimbator                                             641

Calicut                                                  673

Trichur                                                  680

Ernakulam                                             682

Thiruvananthapuram                               695

Kolkata                                                 700

Bhubaneswar                                         751

Guwahati                                               781

Patna                                                    800

Did you notice anything special?

The MICR Codes of the cities start with the Pincode Numbers of the respective cities.

RBI has found out a simple and effective way to allot MICR Codes.

The Pincodes are a great tool, and established ones.

Sub-members are required to present and receive the clearing instruments through a Sponsor Bank who is a (direct) member of the Clearing House.

The branch code is the last three digits of the nine digit sort code and is unique to a branch in a city. Allotment of branch codes is by the President of the Clearing House of which the Bank is a member; generally the service branch of a bank is allotted the branch code of ‘001’.

Q: What about MICR Codes to Sub-Members of banks?

Yes, they are still few banks which are sub-members of Banks, especially Co-operative Banks.

Ans: A sub-member will be treated as if it were a branch of the sponsoring bank. It would have the bank code number allotted to the sponsor bank to be followed by the branch code which would normally commence from 251


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