UIDAI – Fund Crunch

It is reported in the media, that there has been a massive reduciton of UIDAI’s budget.



This cut will effect UIDAI’s ability to roll out 60 crores UID”S as originally envisaged.

Now with the revised budget in place, UIDAI is expected to roll out only 10 crs numbers.

Lots of procedural changes are being worked in our country, basing on the UIDAI delivery capabilities.

Not only UID’s are expected to play a major role in the financial inclusion, but also in the Public Distribution System (PDS), and other key areas too.

Wondering whether too much hype is being built around UIDAI?

Of course, I am not a pessimist, but opine that other sectors jump into the UID bandwagon, only after it rolls out its first set of numbers.

Of course, another school of thought, is that by then, it will be too late, to harness the potentialities of the UID’s.


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