Safe Cheque Writing Tips – 1

Safe Cheque Writing Tips – 1

Today’s post deals with Safe Cheque Writing tips. As this subject is a bit vast, I will try to cover the same in a series of Posts.

Please find enclosed a sample copy of a Safe Cheque


Today will mention few simple tips about a cheque book:-

* NEVER leave your chequebook lying around or in open view.

* Even if there is only one cheque left.

* NEVER pre-fill in any of your cheques.

* NEVER ask the clerk or cashier to complete the cheque on your behalf.

* NEVER keep your ID document with your Cheque book.

* As far as possible, never hand over blank cheques to anyone.

* If you have to issue signed blank cheques, be sure to write atleast


* Always fill in the check issued details in the  Counterfoil provided in the check book. This will help you to keep track of any missed cheques.

* Once the monthly bank account is received, take few minutes to reconcile the cheques debited to your account with the cheques issued by you.

— Check for the amount and payee name.

* * In case of any fraudulent you can contact your banker immediately, instead of at a later date.

* In few countries, once the cheque is debited to the account, the Paid Cheques are sent back to the account holder. However, in our country the Paid Cheque is the property of the Bank only.


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