Census 2011 and Banking – The Connection.

Census 2011 and Banking – The Connection.

  • Census in India started way back in 1872.
  • Census in India is one the biggest and best in the world.
  • Census in India, happens every 10 years.

Census 2011 combines the Census and the National Population Register.

The National Population Register is being created for the first time in our Country.

The National Population Register will form the base for the Unique ID(UID) Numbers to be issued by UIDAI (Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI))

This means the ground-work for UIDAI and Census 2011, started simultaneously.

This is what is called the Grand Vision.

35 Columns have be to filled in the House-listing and Housing Census Schedule

I am interested in the 35th Column, which is quoted here


Col. 35 : Availing Banking Services :


4.118 If the head of the household or any other member in the household is availing banking services provided by the bank or post office bank as a holder of any

type of bank account, write ‘1’ in this column. If not, write ‘2’.

This will cover all types of commercial banks such as nationalized banks, private banks, foreign banks and the co-operative banks.

It is clarified that credit and thrift societies, Self-help Groups, Primary Agricultural Credit Societies etc. do not form part of the banking system and as such these services are not covered under banking services.


I wish the above Banking column also had a couple of sub-columns saying, which is the most preferred mode of Bank Payment – Cheque or ePayment viz ECS, NEFT, RTGS.


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