eAdhaar – A Simple way to get your Adhaar Number

Do you know that, Unique Identification numbers will be generated and made available on the Internet within a month of enrollment?

The most common complaint on UIDAI-ADHHAR amongst our country men is the non-receipt of the Adhaar card.

A cursory glance of any complaint columns be it newspapers or the web is the non-receipt of the Adhaar Card.

The maximum number of RTI queries on the UIDAI portal is about the non-receipt of the Adhaar card.

Now, we need not wait for the Adhaar cards to reach us via post anymore. Of course Indian Post is doing a great job in the delivery of the Adhaar cards.

In the normal course, the Adhaar numbers are generated within a month after enrollment.

Once the Adhaar numbers are generated, the same can be downloaded by visiting the relevant Uidai-Adhaar webpage. The applicants have to keep the following three pieces of information ready. 01) Enrollment ID, 02) Name  03) Pincode number as recorded in the enrollment slip.

Once the database gets verified, the applicants can view and download the eAdhaar letter.

Yes, you need worry on the genuineness of the eAdhaar letters.

It is important to note that the authenticity of the e-Adhaar letters will be the same as that of the one sent across by UIDAI by post.

In case of any queries, you can mail them @ help@uidai.gov.in

Go ahead, try the eAdhaar now     and stop complaining.

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