AADHAAR card – Wanna a duplicate one?

 A couple of Indian Aadhaar card holders have approached UIDAI offices for issuance of duplicate Aadhaar Card.

By the way, why is a duplicate Aadhaar card required. One reason could be that the original card has been lost, or due to wear and tear, the number is not clear.

AADHAAR Number by itself has no value. It has value only if it is attached to some other service viz Bank Account etc.

Assuming that the Aadhaar is being used for Authentication purpose, than also only the Aadhaar number is required not the Aadhaar card itself.

So, per-Se, duplicate Aadhaar cards are not required. That is why till date UIDAI has not formed any rules for issuance of Duplicate Aadhaar cards.

Simple activities to safeguard your Aadhaar Card: -

  1. Immediately on receipt of the Aadhaar Card, laminate it. This will protect it against the normal wear and tear.

  2. Scan the same, and store the Scan image on your PC and mail.

  3. Take a xerox copy and carry the Xerox copy if required.

  4. Save the Aadhaar number on your mobile.

As responsible Aadhaar card holders, let us not unnecessarily request UIDAI, for Duplicate Aadhaar cards.

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  1. I need to know what is to be done in case the Aadhaar card is lost in transit by India post. My Father’s uid card was given to somebody by postman & is not traceable…
    Kindly guide the forward path of action..


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  4. Go to http://uidai.gov.in/ website.then go to resident portal->e-aadhaar->then fill the columns according to the acknowledgement slip that was given during the making of aadhaar card.pin code asked is the postal pincode as on the acknowledgement card. Then submit.-> DOWNLOAD YOUR E-AADHAAR option will come.then download it in pdf format.this pdf printout is also a valid one.

  5. I tried to travel in indian railway with e-adhar print out. but that was not considered as id proof. forcefully i had to show some other details and tried to convince the tt. I carried e adhar print because i had not received the adhar card from uidai. could you please let me know how can i get the original card if duplicate is not made available.

  6. I notice your patience with many queries. I hope you would be able to solve mine as well. I enrolled for the aadhar card in 2011. My then father in law kept the enrollment slip and didn’t even let me take a xerox. I didn’t want to create a ruckus, But now i’m getting divorced, and they aren’t giving me the enrollment slip. Is there a way to figure out the enrollment number using other details? I haven’t gotten my aadhar card yet. Please help

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